Last week, with my birthday just a few days away, I was feeling quite unsure about how to spend it. Unlike other years, this time I didnt want to spend it partying, dining out, or drinking.

Family vacations in Goa are the next best thing that comes with adulthood. Parents of toddlers often think going on vacations especially to places like Goa can be messy, but you could not be more wrong!! With the sunny sandy beaches and an amazing weather throughout the year, Goa is a place which guarantees enjoyment for all age groups!



Whoooo let the dogs out? Woof woof woof!! Well not only your dogs, you would be jumping too once you read this article on the amazing pet friendly destinations!!

Travelling has always been fun, it's a lovely experience visiting new places and even more fun when you feel completely comfortable and at home in these new places, until you start missing your furry friend you left back home.. and you start to wonder why can't we travel together..Read this 7 recommended pet friend Funstays that you would look forward to visit..


I don't think I speak only for myself when I say that I live for Holidays! I mean a day or two in silence and peace, not having to wake up every morning and rushing through life and the best one is not seeing your annoying bosses and colleagues for a weekend!! 2 days of peace is all a working man asks for!! What's even better? If there is an extra day added to the weekend and you get 3-4 days all to yourself, don't we just pray every night for the holidays to align with the weekends? I know I do!! (More...)

Number of solo female travelers is increasing day by day and this move is supported by the worldwide travel community. Traveling is an amazing experience and there are no second thoughts that you learn a lot about yourself and the world in general in the process. So why should only boys have all the fun! (More...)

A warm and happy place like Pondy can never fail to lift your spirits and you will always feel connected to nature and peace. Other than being a place with serene vibes, Pondicherry is also a major part of the French era in India. (More...)

Here comes the festive season with twinkling lights and decorated streets, with delicious aroma's and the happy spirit in the air!! The year-end has come and there is a unsettling feeling everywhere, the Happiness of Christmas and New years with the nostalgia of a gone year, some choose to replenish whatever time is left with parties and festivities while some prefer this time to spend it with the loved ones and remember the good times . You can be any one of the both but you can't get away from the merry feeling in the air!! So gather a bunch of your party friends or bundle up with your family, but whatever you choose make sure you jingle all the way through the Christmas day! Wherever you are, there is always a Christmas plan waiting and there is always a church to be visited. So here comes a list of a few things you could do make your Christmas special!!

Winter is on our doorstep and with that comes the childhood fascinations of snowman's and beautiful red apple orchards and snow sports, with the special touch of an undeniable snow ball match. Well! When you have a place the most appropriate for all your dreams to come true and which is merely a night's journey away from you, why wait? C'mon winter lovers!, Here is your chance to finally visit a snowy paradise that too in our country India. Really you need not travel too far!

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